thoughts 1 #WhyThis

Don’t expect my posts to be perfect. Don’t expect the grammar and punctuation to blow your mind. Don’t expect every post to make sense and be organise and whatever.

Don’t expect anything at all to be honest.

I needed a space to share passing thoughts in more characters than Twitter can allow, in a space more public than my journal, on a platform less polished than Medium, and in a world less congested than my brain.

There are no specific topics to be covered. I’ll write about anything when I feel like it. Don’t feel obliged to engage. But if you do want to, feel free to message me on Twitter. I’m open to constructive discussions and debates. If it’s not going to be that kind of conversation, then don’t.

There are a lot of “don’t”s in this post, and I don’t know why. Haha.

Anyway, this might all change. I may really want this to be interactive. Or I may not. We’ll see where it goes.

Some posts will have a title that indicates what the topic might be, others won’t. It all depends on how bothered I can be. Some posts you’ll need to be a paid subscriber to see, others you won’t.

If I feel I want to delve deeper into a topic or polish it or present it a certain way, i’ll most likely flesh it out and share it here and my Medium page…or maybe just my Medium page.

I’m sure my spelling will be all over the place. But this isn’t the place for perfection. So f*** it. Let’s go.

Thanks for reading, and see you in the next post.